Newsletter No. 7                                                                                                                                   July 2003

"We will either find a way, or make one".
Hannibal (247-183 B.C.); Carthaginian general.

Hi there,

As you could imagine by reading newspapers or watching the TV news, the last season of winter 2002-2003 was not the one we would have wished or planned.
As a result of the political situation in the Middle East, and in addition to the Iraqi war, tourists did not visit Israel, either for just a tour or for medical reasons and purposes.
Thank God, it seems that after 1000 day of struggling - we are hopefully about to face a new period of time in our region.

Let us hope and pray that eventually peace will come to our region!!!!

In spite of the situation, our CF Center was occupied last season by Israeli patients and beside the usual program, they participated in a Medical Research conducted by the Medical Sport Department of the Wingate Institute, to assess and to prove that the stamina and the ability of CF Patients improved and increased whilst at the Dead Sea.

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The result of this research will be published at a later date on our Internet Site.

From time to time my Newsletter will include different themes and items of interest from the News, which I hope you will enjoy. I am happy to begin this tradition with a short brief of our Capital Jerusalem, which is one of our recommendations for touring while staying with us.

Jerusalem was founded by King David on the former Jebusite city of Jebus about 3,300 years ago when he renamed it and gave it a Jewish character.
Jerusalem has been both the political and spiritual capital of the Jewish people, the latter without interruption to the present through good and bad times.

The connection between the Jewish People and the City of Jerusalem is one of the most well documented facts in world history. In Jewish traditional sources, the word "Jerusalem" is mentioned over 600 times, at least 140 times in the New Testament, but never in the Koran. There is a reference in the Koran (17:7) to the destruction of the First and Second Temples, which were located in Jerusalem. There is also a reference in the Koran (34:13) to King David and his son, King Solomon who built the First Temple in Jerusalem. But the Koran, which is about 1,400 years old, does not explicitly mention the word "Jerusalem". Considering the word "Jerusalem" existed for about 2,000 years prior to the birth of Islam, this is noteworthy.

Throughout the past 3,300 years Jerusalem has never been the capital of any other people, including the Arabs and Muslims, a remarkable fact considering the city has been conquered by so many different peoples.

Jerusalem on the Madaba Map

One of the most illuminating, and accurate, sources of our knowledge of Byzantine Jerusalem is the Madaba Map. The map is part of a mosaic on the floor of a church built in the town of Madaba, in what is present-day Jordan, in the sixth century.

Jerusalem on the Madaba Map

As usual hereunder for your convenience, the following are the periods and dates for the coming season:

No Pseudomonas
28.10.2003 - 18.11.2003
18.11.2003 - 09.12.2003
09.12.2003 - 30.12.2003
30.12.2003 - 20.01.2004
20.01.2004 - 10.02.2004
10.02.2004 - 03.03.2004
03.03.2004 - 30.03.2004

The Medical staff headed by Prof. A. Tal, the Physiotherapists Bat-Sheva and Yardenna, Oleg the sport trainer, and I are looking forward to your arrival.


Yours sincerely

Benjamin Pinkas

The CF Center

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