Newsletter No. 7                                                                                                                                   April 2002

"In God We Trust"

Hi there,

On March 26th. the 2001-2002 winter season came to an end. We sincerely honour those that
in spite of the reports that were transmitted by the media, decided to attend our Center, and realized for themselves how far the Dead Sea is from all the unrest here in our beloved holy land.

During this season, despite the small number of patients, some very interesting events took place.

On December 2001, we hosted a delegation from Belgium and Germany, for a long weekend; including the President of the Belgium CF Association Dr. Jan Vanleevue and Mrs. Alix Legros, and the Chairman of the CF Association of Berlin Brandenburg Mr. Dirk Seifert.
Our gusts had the opportunity to join the group of patients from Switzerland, to meet Prof. A. Tal and participate in all the activities that took place during that weekend, including a trip to Massada guided by Amos, our permanent guide, and our hiking exercise to Ein Bokek Wadi.

Like in fairy tales, on a beautiful sunny blue sky
morning of December 20th. 2001, Colin our the
first patient from Indiana, USA, joined Soren from
Germany, Benjamin, Niklaus, Martina, Reto, Sabina,
Nicolas and other from Switzerland, and Marina,
Mirit and other Israeli patients and became our very
1st. USA member.
According to our tradition on the next morning we
hung the American flag next to other flags from
different patients' countries on the Information Board.

We are proud to become an International and Intercontinental Center where patients from different countries meet together, exchanged experiences and having fun at the wonderful Dead Sea. We are looking forwards to seeing next season, patients from other countries as well.

This coming June I will be participating in the 25th. European CF Congress in Genoa, Italy.
At the conference we will be presenting the results of the researches which we performed. These researches are planned to be published in one of the famous medical publications.

I would be happy to meet you during the Congress and share with you a further finding, which will be researched during the next season, regarding an important mineral fInd in large quantities at the Dead Sea area. This mineral causes, without doubt, a further improvement to the condition of CF patients and their day to day standard of life.

Furthermore, we could take this opportunity to plan a visit for the members of the association you head, to our Center at the Dead Sea during the winter 2002-2003 season.

For your convenience, the following are the periods and dates for the coming season:

No Pseudomonas
29.10.2002 - 19.11.2002
19.11.2002 - 10.12.2002
10.12.2002 - 31.12.2002
31.12.2002 - 21.01.2003
21.01.2003 - 11.02.2003
11.02.2003 - 04.03.2003
04.03.2003 - 25.03.2003

Below you will find pictures of last season, as usual in our News Letters:

Our Guests Dr. Jan Vanleevue, Mrs. Alix Legros
from Belgium, and Mr. Dirk Seifert from Germany
together with the group from Switzerland
and Jardena our physiotherapist.

In an International tennis-tabel game
between Switzerland& Germany,
Benjamin from Switzerland won the game.

Let us hope and pray that peace will come to our region.

   Benjamin Pinkas & the CF Center Staff

The CF Center

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