Newsletter No. 5                                                                                                                                   April 2001

" I believe in Angels
and I Know One is
Watching Over You…"

Barbara Cage

Hi there,

The last season, that has just ended, was characterized by having relatively a smaller number of patients that came to the Dead Sea. The reason for this is partially due to the political situation in the Middle East region, as shown on the media, which unfortunately does not always show the incidents in the most objective manner.

I enclose an authentic photo of a letter to the editor as published in the Jerusalem Post
newspaper.  The letter was written by an American tourist, who visited Israel, whereas the letter speaks for itself.

                                  News Paper Article

And as this tourist, so did Kilian, Reto & Daniel from Switzerland, Christian, Stefan, Martina & Timna from Germany, Maria & Alexandra from Italy, and of
course, Anna & Mali from Israel and many others from Europe who came to us during the last season and saw for themselves that the reality is in fact very different from that shown
on the media – and therefore enjoyed receiving what the Dead Sea has to offer and a bit more from us…

All rooms at the Hod Hotel have been refurbished, whereas some of them as a lesson that we had experienced, are with out carpets. Luxurious modern decor equipped with minibar, interactive color TV, Internet and Sony play-station, hairdryer, 2 personal safe and electric kettle are for the guests use in every room.

New equipment such as 2 magnetic treadmills (walking tracks) & argumeter bike, have been introduced at our CF-Center, for the pleasure and well-being of the patients.

This coming June I will be participating in the 24th. European CF Congress in Vienna, Austria. At the conference we will be presenting the results of the last research which we performed and that mainly contains lung performance comparison according to 3 parameters: Before arriving to the Dead Sea, During the stay at the Dead Sea and for 2 months After leaving the area and returning home. This research is planned to be published in one of the famous medical publications.

I would be happy to meet you during the Congress and share with you a further finding, which will be researched during the next season, regarding an important mineral found in large quantities in the Dead Sea area.
This mineral causes, without doubt, a further improvement to the condition of CF patients and their day to day dealing.

Furthermore, we could take this opportunity to plan a visit for your association members, which you head, to our center at the Dead Sea during the winter 2001-2002 season.

For your convenience, the following are the periods and dates for the coming season:

No Pseudomonas
30.10.2001 - 20.11.2001
20.11.2001 - 11.12.2001
11.12.2001 - 01.01.2002
01.01.2002 - 22.01.2002
22.01.2002 - 12.02.2002
12.02.2002 - 05.03.2002
05.03.2002 - 26.03.2002


Below you will find 2 pictures of last season, as usual in our News Letters:

Click for enlargement
Anna from Israel with Bat-Sheva and me.

Click for enlargement
The "Spicegirls" from Switzerland and Nicolas.

Benjamin Pinkas & the CF Center Staff


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