Newsletter No. 10                                                                                                                                  August 2004

"Thought is the seed of action."
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-82); U.S. essayist and poet.


Tourists are returning

An interesting article appeared in the Washington Post of the 18th June, 2004 written by Charles Krauthammer and with your permission would like to share it with you and to quote some paragraphs, that speaks for itself, as follows:

While no one was looking, something historic happened in the Middle East. The Palestinian intifada is over, and the Palestinians have lost…...
….. Israel's economy was certainly wounded, but it is growing again. Tourism had dwindled to almost nothing at the height of the intifada, but tourists are returning. And the Israelis were never demoralized. They kept living their lives, the young people in particular returning to cafes and discos and buses just hours after a horrific bombing. Israelis turned out to be a lot tougher and braver than the Palestinians had imagined…..
…What has happened, however, is an end to systematic, regular, debilitating, unstoppable terror -- terror as a reliable weapon…. "

( If you would like to read the whole article, please go to Google > Charles Krauthammer> Washington Post)

This trend, of tourists returning to Israel, appear also in the official statistics information provides by the
Israel Hotel Association
, referring the period of January -June as follows:

Comparing to
Comparing to
Over all Israel
Dead Sea

As I was in the past, I am still pleased to reassure you that the Dead Sea region, as some of you know, was and still is unaffected and far removed from any disturbances,  A true Peace Region!

Returning to better life

Recently, 3 young woman who stayed at our Center at the Dead Sea, underwent a successful lung transplant operation performed by Prof. M. Kramer from Rabin Medical Centre in Petach-Tikvah; Mali (26) from Jerusalem, Mirit (29) from Beer-Sheva and young Hibba (15) from the village Massar. Prof. Kramer's opinion was that the fact that Mali had been at the Dead Sea just a short while before the operation, had a positive effect on her overall condition.
We wish them all a speedy successful recovery! and looking forward to seeing them back at our Centre at the Dead Sea, at the Hod Hotel.

Next season
For your convenience, the following are the periods and dates for the coming season:

No Pseudomonas
02.11.2004 - 23.11.2004
23.11.2002 - 14.12.2004
14.12.2004 - 04.01.2005
04.01.2005 - 25.01.2005
25.01.2005 - 15.02.2005
15.02.2005 - 08.03.2005
08.03.2005 - 29.03.2005

The Medical staff headed by Prof. A. Tal, the Physiotherapists Bat-Sheva and Yardenna, the Hod Hotel staff headed by Mr. Udi Zichermann and myself are looking forward to your arrival.

Yours sincerely

See you soon at your Center at the Dead Sea!

Benjamin Pinkas

The CF Center

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