Frequent Asked Questions  

Q- Where is the CF Center located?
A- The Dead Sea CF Center is located at the Hod Hotel, a 4 star hotel on the Dead Sea shore,
      Hotel Hod has an in-house clinic on the premises , owned by the Israeli  “Lumit”sick-fund.
      The CF center realies on the hotel clinic with its general physician and nurse and is supported
      by this clinic.

Q- Who is in charge medically-wise?
A- Prof. A. Tal from the Soroka Medical Center of Ben-Gurion University in Beer-Sheba, a well
      known Pediatric Pulmonary Physician is in charge medically-wise.

Q- What is the best period of the year for CF patients to come to the Dead Sea?
A- Clinically and climatically wise, the months of  November - April  are cosiderd the “Israeli
      winter”  months, that being the best time of the year for CF patients at the Dead Sea.
      This period is also the time of the year in which the CF center is open and functional.

Q- What is the best recomended duration of time  staying at the Dead Sea?
A- Three weeks is the minimum time recomended to stay in the Dead Sea area, in order to get the
      maximum advateges that the area provids.

Q- What kind of equipment does the CF Center have?
A- The CF center is equipped with all the necessary equipment including pulse-oxymeter,
      spirometer  etc. as well as physiotherapy equipment. In case of the need for a oxygen-
      generator,  this can be supplied as well as other oxygen -devices.

Q- Are there any physical activities?
A- During their stay at the CF Center, the patients will have various physical activities as well as
      physiotherapy and will be able to participate in other outdoor activities such as hiking, biking
      and horse-riding.

Q- Should any medical documents be presented on attending the center?
A- Every patient should have on arrival:
  a. sputum culture.( Result and antibiogram)
  b. summery -report signed by the physician and include:  FVC, FEV1, FEV 25-75, SaO2, HR,
      Weight, Height.
  c. personal health insurance policy.
Q- Is any documents recived on departure?
A- On departure, every patient will receive a summery report  prepared and signed by Prof. Tal.

Q- What about inhalation and medication?
A- Every patient should have his/her own inhalation device and his/her medication for the entier
      period of time.

Q- Can Young patients attened the center on their own?
A- Patient under the age of 16 should be accompanied by a relative ( parents/ brother/ sister etc.)

The CF Center

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