Oxygen Supplement at the Dead Sea

For patients with advanced lung disease staying at the Dead Sea with its oxygen-rich air and the restful atmosphere of the hotels can improve oxygenation, exercise performance and sleep oximetry, and consequently quality of life. It offers patients greater degree of independence, allow them to benefit from a feeling of psychological well-being, while assuring them a 24 hour oxygen intake, without the need for artificial devices or tubing.
In a previous report by Kramer et al.(Ann Intern Med. 1994;121:658-662), it has been shown that descent to low altitude such as the Dead Sea  area can improve arterial oxygenation (SaO2),exercise performance, and sleep oximetry in patients with advanced lung
diseases including CF.


  The Dead Sea area

Our own experience with CF patients in the Dead Sea area is based on groups and  individual patients who came to this area during the last few years, which have stayed for a 3 week period in our CF-Center at the Dead Sea. We have discovered by objective and subjective researches and observations, that the result of staying at this particular area leaves no doubt as to the significant benefit  to the quality of life for the CF patients. In most cases, the patients felt very well, were able to get more regular physiotherapy, and with quite a few of them, we observed objective improvement in lung function.
Furthermore, the improvement of their condition lasted several months after their stay at the Dead Sea.

The subjective feedback of the patients at the end of each “camp”, was excellent in most cases, as well as the impression of the physiotherapist who accompanied the groups and provided the treatments. We also found that some special controlled exercises in the fitness-center significantly improved the well being and the stamina of a few patients.
 Any physician who works with CF patients knows to appreciate any treatment modality that improves quality of life and give the patients three weeks of fun and good treatment, as opposed to the inhaled DNA’s (about $ 1000 a month) and hospital admission, the CF camp at the Dead Sea area can prove to be very efficient.

“Sie hatte keinen nennenswersten Infakt, also auch kein Antibiotika ...”
( she has no, so called, infections difficulties and no antibiotics ... )
informed Pia’s (3) parents, in May 97, 4 month after staying at the CF-Center

“ nach eintagigem Aufenhalt ungehinderet Nasenatmung moglich ...”
(one day after  arrival breathing through the nose was possible, with no disturbances...)
said Michael’s (13) mother in November 95

The CF Center

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